Software / IT is the area where most companies have the greatest difficulty in claiming


As would be expected of a tax relief targeted at advancing science, the application of the legislation to advancing computer science must meet the same criteria.


Writing computer source code is therefore not in itself sufficient to count as ‘qualifying R&D’. Nor is undertaking a large but predictable software project.


To qualify, a software project must:
  • Seek to achieve an advance in software / IT.
  • There must be an advance in overall knowledge or capability in software / IT, not just the company’s own state of knowledge or capability alone.
  • The development of a software product does not represent an advance in software / IT simply because it is software.
  • Routine adaptation of an existing product or process is not R&D.
  • Assembling components of a program to an established pattern or using routine methods for doing so is not R&D.
  • Combining standard technologies can be R&D if a competent professional in the field can’t readily deduce how the separate components should be combined to have the intended function.
Our expertise in Software and IT claims is well-respected in the industry

All our software claims are written by technical analysts who between them have prepared over 600 Software / IT claims and possess:

  • a PhD or degree in Computer Science
  • 20+ years’ experience in software code development / IT project management
  • 4+ years of R&D claim writing experience mainly on Software /IT  R&D claims

Our white paper Software R&D Claims describes in some detail the reason why many companies struggle to demonstrate to HMRC that their project meets the necessary threshold of making an advance in an aspect of science and technology.

In order to identify the state of the art in a field and thus articulate clearly to HMRC how our clients’ work meets the requirements of advancing the field, we have produced detailed technology State of the Art Reviews in the following fields:
Application Testing

Fullstack, Automated Testing Tools, Testing Methodologies, Test Management

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Intelligence Systems, Computer Vision, Autonomous Systems Enablers, Text Analytics, Natural Language Processing Platforms, Speech Analytics and Recognition

Enterprise Applications

Business Intelligence, Social Media Intelligence, Security & Surveillance, Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Recommender Systems

Augmented Reality

Retail, Games & Entertainment, Software Developer Tools

Business Analytics

Mobile BI, Visualisation Tools, Data Preparation, BI & Advanced Analytics

Business Intelligence Applications

Sales, Marketing, HR, Corporate Performance, E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Government, Retail

Big Data Analytics

Contextual Data Analysis, Data Analytics, Data Discovery, Data Preparation, Data Science Platforms, Data Visualisation, Search based Analytics, Big Data Suites, Big Data Applications

Big Data Infrastructure – Analytical Processing

search, graph, MPP, Spark), Application( security framework and processing), Docker Ecosystems, Management Tools (cluster management, workflow management

Operational Processing

KVS, Wide column, Document Store), Real Time Processing (message queuing, in-memory grid, router


Cloud Governance Platforms, Compute Fabric Platforms, Cloud Security, Cloud Migration, Cloud Analytics, Cloud Integration, Exchange Platforms, IaaS

Data as a Service

Lead Generation, Technology Scouting, Geospatial, Social Media Data Docker Ecosystems (Big Data, Container Management, Container Security, Container Technology, DevOPS, Networking, PaaS, Platform, Repository

Enterprise Collaboration

Communications, File Synchronisation & Sharing, Social Platforms, Content Management, Collaboration Suites, Project Management, Knowledge Management, Collaborative Workspaces

Enterprise Networking

AND, CDN, Network Controllers, Network Management, Network Operating Systems, Network services, Network Virtualisation, SDWN, Suites, Testing Solutions, WAN, WLAN, VPN

Enterprise Security

Anti-Fraud, Application Security, BYOD Security, Cloud Security, Data Security, Database Security, Email Security, Endpoint Security, IAM, Industrial Security, IoT Security, Network Security, Security Analytics, Server Security, Suite, Threat Intelligence, Website Security

Enterprise Storage

Active Storage, Backup, Converged Infrastructure, Copy Data Management, File System, Passive Storage, NAS, SAN, Server Side Caching, Software defined Storage, Storage Management, Suites

Enterprise Resource Planning

Apparel & Footware, Construction, Distribution, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Media, Travel, Waste Management & Recycling

Event Management

Attendee Engagement, Marketing, Merchandise, Planning, Suite

Field Force Automation

Maintenance Services, Construction, Horizontal


Data Providers, Image Processing & Mapping, Location Intelligence, Location as a Service, Location Sharing, Maps, Mapping Platforms, Positioning & Navigation


Anti Money Laundering, Audit Management, Compliance Management, Integrated GRC, Social Media Compliance, Reporting Standards

IT Operation

Monitoring, Management, ITSM. IT Automation, Operational Analytics, Infrastructure Orchestration, Event Processing, Performance Management, Anomaly Detection


PaaS, Docker Ecosystems, iPaaS, mBaaS, Point Solutions, Database Middleware PaaS, Serverless

Product Development Software

Analytics, Backlog Management, Flowchart Diagrams, Idea Management, Issue Tracking, PPM, Project Management, Requirement Management, User Feedback

Supply Chain Management

Financial Supply Chain, SCM Software Suites, Supplier Collaboration, Security Track & Trace, Planning & Analytics, Transportation Management Systems, Visibility & Compliance, Warehouse Management

Software Coding Tools

Code Management, Code Development, Marketplace, Architecture