Patent Box Taxation – Process without Patents

Patent Box is a UK Government scheme managed though HMRC.

It is designed to encourage UK companies to innovate in developing new products and services by offering a corporation tax saving for companies with a granted patent (in the UK and certain other European countries).

The tax saving relates to profits generated from their patented products or patented process.

Patent Applications

To obtain a patent for a product (or process for making a product) it is necessary to describe in detail how the product/process is:

  • Novel (have never been done before) and
  • Inventive (when compared to the state of the art).

Many companies don’t apply for a patent because of the complexity, length and expense of the process even though their technology could meet the novelty and inventive step criteria.

To benefit from the Patent Box tax saving you only need to have a UK granted patent regardless of where you sell your products and services and so some of the cost and complexity of patenting in different foreign countries (and associated foreign language translations) is eliminated.

No-win/No-fee Patent Applications

With our partner patent drafting firm 1851 Technology Consulting we offer a unique no-win no-fee service for companies without patents including:

  • Undertake a prior art patent review and identify features where your product/process may meet the requirements of novelty and inventive step.
  • Preparation and filing of a UK patent application covering the inventive features of your product/process.
  • All communication with the UK Intellectual Property Office including amendments to the application whilst the application is being assessed to determine whether it meets the necessary novelty and inventive feature criteria.
  • Patent Box Taxation calculations for the annual corporation tax filing.

All these steps are undertaken without fee whilst the patent application is processed (2-4 years).

Patent Office Decision & Fees

At the end of the process, the UK Patent Office will either grant the patent or otherwise. If the application is rejected then there is no fee.

If the patent is granted then we charge a % of the Patent Box Taxation saving as fees.

We believe this no-win no-fee patent application service is a totally unique offering with no other accounting / patent attorney firm providing such an offering.

Our exclusive focus is on providing a complete end-to-end service to enable companies to receive a granted UK patent and to subsequently benefit from the resulting Patent Box Taxation saving.

Legal services

Should a client seek international patent coverage or require legal advice regarding companies infringing their patent then we would recommend the services of a Chartered Patent Attorney / Intellectual Property Solicitor. We do not provide legal services.

We work closely with a number of firms who specialise in different areas of technology / different geographical locations and can help you to liaise with them as needed.