Patent Valuation Services

For early stage technology companies, their intellectual property and specifically their patents can represent the greatest asset of the company and in many cases virtually the entire value of the company.

Having the ability to quantify in a meaningful way their patent portfolio can help such companies in negotiating their true value with Venture Capitalists and trade acquirers.

In the USA, where understanding the means of valuing Intellectual Property is somewhat more widespread than in Europe, many industrial corporations such as Microsoft, Lockhead Martin, Bayer Healthcare, Visa, Hewlett Packard, InfoSys, Honeywell and GE have sent their staff on the necessary training to become Certified Patent Valuation Analysts.

Certified Patent Valuation Training in the fields of:

  • Valuation of Emerging Technologies
  • Negotiating Licensing Agreements for Maximum Returns
  • Advanced Patent Valuation
  • Calculating Damages Resulting from Patent Infringement

This enables such companies to better understand the value of IP and achieve favourable negotiations in the acquisition and licensing of IP.

In order to better serve our growing portfolio of early stage high-growth potential companies, we have become one of only a handful of European companies (and the only Chartered Accounting firm in Europe) to send key staff on such training and to have access to the Patent Valuation Gauntlet® method containing more than 750 issues that should be considered when calculating the value of a patent.

A few of these issues include:

  • Provenance Analysis
  • Citation Analysis
  • Claims Analysis
  • Prosecution Analysis
  • Drawings Analysis
  • Specification Analysis
  • Opposition Analysis
  • Assertion Analysis
  • Patent Examiner Analysis
  • Patent Family Analysis
  • Encumbrance Analysis
  • Chain of Title Analysis
  • Analysis of Technical Review
  • Patent Drafting Analysis

If you are an early stage high-potential growth company, whether you already have a patent portfolio or whether you need funding to help develop your IP portfolio, we have the skills, experience and in some cases access to funding to provide services that would otherwise fall between those of a Patent Attorney and Corporate Financier and are only usually seen in blue-chip USA corporations.