Offshore Businesses looking to Migrate into the UK

UK tax breaks look good but global businesses require clear advice of the international alternatives and how to maximise cross-border activities.

Australian Car Manufacturer looking to set-up in the UK or Ireland

We were referred to an Australian car manufacturing business by one of our partner accounting firms.

It is widely accepted that there is a wealth of motor industry expertise in the UK, centred in the Midlands. Australian government car subsidies having ceased in recent years, our client was looking to tap into this British engineering expertise and relocate their manufacturing base to the UK. However, they were concerned about missing out on well-publicised Irish manufacturing tax breaks.

We were asked to advise on the respective value of the UK & Irish tax reliefs comparing various structures of sales, distribution and manufacturing. Working alongside a respected partner in a firm of Irish international tax advisers we reached a commercial and tax efficient recommendation.

We also advised on UK-Australian financing arrangements and commercial/supplier agreements to ensure maximization of UK Patent Box and UK R&D Tax Credit relief.

Polish Mobile Car Park Provider expanding into the UK

Already a successful business, this client was hoping to take advantage of UK Patent Box Relief and R&D Tax Credits where possible on their planned UK operations.

Both tax reliefs are natural incentives for international businesses to operate in the UK. We advised on the structure of the group to ensure both tax reliefs were valid, robust and maximised.

R&D Tax Credits and Patent Box can both be claimed by the same company for the same period, but the interaction of these two reliefs is complex and should be closely managed to ensure both are maximized and one does not jeopardise the value of the other due to mismanagement of the election process.

Happy clients?

Both clients are regularly in touch with additional bespoke queries pending their move to the UK.