Investor ready financial forecasts, modelling and projections

May Figures has a clear mandate to support start-ups in the technology industry, borne out of the senior partner’s passion for engineer and invention.

Many start-ups fail to garner the investment they seek as their initial team may be technology focused and not used to preparing financial forecasts and investor packs.

May Figures are able to ensure you are investor ready on both the financial and technology sides of the business.

We Can Prepare:
  • Business Plans
  • Investor Packs
  • Cashflow Forecasts
  • Financial Modelling
  • Accounts & Tax Projections
Deferred Fees

In the early stages, cash is often tight and at May Figures we are willing to hold off the collection of our fees until either the round of investment monies is secured or the R&D tax credit claim pays out.


As the business grows, we will recommend an appropriate accounting firm local to your business and competent in the services required, or work alongside your chosen accountant.