We believe we are the only firm with both taxation and patent law-qualified staff

We are headed up by two UK leading experts in the field.

Julia May is a prize-winning x-big four Chartered Accountant, Chartered Tax Adviser and Graduate Engineer.

Mark Graves is a double PhD Oxbridge Software Engineer/Patent Valuer.

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  • We have International Corporation Tax expertise.
  • We have Tech Start-up/Venture Capital/Funding expertise.
  • We work on a no-win/no-fee basis for BOTH tax reliefs.
  • We do not tie clients in with long term contracts.
  • We are trusted by household name clients and reputable accounting firms nationwide.e
  • We act for clients of the big-four accountancy firms who choose us for our excellence and reasonable fees.
No HMRC Inquiries
  • None of the claims filed in the last five years by MFL have been queried by HMRC
  • We have uplifted claims filed by other firms following inquiries by HMRC.
  • We sit on the HMRC R&D Consultative Committee and eFile Working Party
We are experts in R&D tax credits, Patent Box & EIS/SEIS reliefs
  • Most R&D advisors do not offer Patent Box tax saving advice.
  • Unless you are a software house unable to obtain patents, it is sensible to appoint tax advisers that handle both reliefs.
  • Even if you don’t currently hold any patents, our advisors will freely assess your activities for patentability.
  • SEIS/EIS reliefs can interact with the R&D policy of the company
We are experts in complex cases, often involving HMRC inquiries
  • Claims involving companies who are part of a group/owned offshore
  • Claims involving connected parties e.g. personal service companies of directors
  • Software consulting firms claiming for client projects
  • Claims partially grant funded
  • Structuring companies (UK & Offshore) where the IP resides in different entities
  • Claiming priority from patent applications from different regions