Although we are Chartered Accountants / Tax Advisors, we exclusively operate in the field of R&D Tax Credits / Patent Box, working cooperatively alongside you as Lead Engagement Adviser. You retain all other accounting/taxation responsibility for the client.

You have the benefit of ensuring that your client retains regulated professional advisers in this highly complex and sometimes subjective area of taxation, without any concern of ‘losing your client’ to another broad service advisor.

Much of our work arrive by accountant referrals after they have seen us in action advising one of their clients.

By partnering with us you can be confident that your clients are in safe hands.

  • Avoid risks of negligence suits for not filing a claim
  • Avoid the risk of clients moving to larger firms with in-house expertise
  • Proactively seek new technology clients from firms with limited resources in this area
  • White-label our services, giving you full control over the client relationship

Accountants not filing an R&D claim for their qualifying client activity face negligence suits – BE Studios Ltd v Smith & Williamson Ltd [2005]

We operate both in direct or white-label service mode.

Direct Service Mode – we deliver directly to your client whilst you benefit from an additional revenue stream from May Figures.

White label service mode – we serve your clients as your representatives, providing your practice with another USP, flexibility over billing rates and simplicity for your clients.

Contact us directly to discuss in confidence how we can help serve your clients.