E-Health and E-Health Analytics

Often (as in our HMRC Inquiry claim case study) a company (or sadly in many cases an inexperienced advisor) will incorrectly identify the field of advancement and consequently either jeopardise the claim entirely or at least significantly reduce the potential value of the claim.

Our Case Study ‘HMRC Inquiry Software and Medical R&D claim’ describes how we ‘inherited’ a client who was in an HMRC Inquiry and facing the prospect of the claim being rejected and after our involvement we were actually able to increase the claim value from £550,000 to £680,000 and have the claim approved by HMRC within a few weeks.

Our experience with E-Health claims is that it is vital to identify the field in which the technological advance is being made.

Areas covered by an E-Health Claim

Areas of R&D that May Figures have analysed include:
  • Suite Solutions (Care planning, Care coordination, population health management)
  • Operational Analytics (Business Intelligence, Asset Management, Performance Metrics)
  • Clinical Analytics (Clinical diagnosis support, charting, point of care recommendations)
  • Diagnosis (medical imaging and diagnostic support tools)
  • Risk Profiling
  • Health Engagement (Remote Monitoring, Digital Therapeutics, Treatment Adherence Tools)
  • EHR Platforms
  • Hospital Information Systems
  • Patient Engagement Solutions (treatment adherence tools, communication tools, patient education tools)
  • Collaboration Platforms (HIE, API integration, Clinical Interoperability solutions)
  • Telemedicine (devices, software)
  • Personalised Healthcare / Personalised Health Records
  • Clinical Trial Enrollment